Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of medications, along with cognitive-behavioral therapies and counseling sessions for recovering from addiction. The medicines are administered under skilled medical assistance by a credentialed therapist in good detox centers. Y and Y has one of the Best Medically Assisted Recovery Centers in CA. It offers you a range of safe and skilled assistance for recovery from addiction. 

The withdrawal symptoms during recovery start as early as 10 minutes from withdrawal. Also, the withdrawal effect is largely psychological than physiological. Seeking skilled medical assistance for detox and recovery from cocaine is a wise choice. Skilled medical assistance can ease the detox process and reduce the pain through recovery.

Understanding MAT/ MAR

MAT administers medicines in the right quantity to relieve the addict from the pain during the detox and recovery process. Cocaine withdrawal is as quick and worse than the euphoric high. It is characterized by immense cravings for more cocaine, irritable mood, depression, severe insomnia, and persistent anxiety. Primarily, if you choose MAT, your brain will block the euphoric effects, normalize the brain and body functioning, and reduce cravings. So, MAT is the most suitable treatment for stimulant and opioid abuse.

Effectiveness of MAT

While nearly 2 billion people are addicted to prescription painkillers, MAT has proven to be the most suitable option for recovery from opioid dependency. Choosing MAT helps the addict to 

  1. Sustain recovery and sobriety 
  2. Prevent heart failures/seizures due to sudden hormonal changes
  3. Reduce pain through recovery
  4. Increase chances of recovery and return to normal life

Who should take up MAT

  1. Anybody who is addicted to opioids/alcohol/cocaine and is unable to detox and recover independently should choose MAT. 
  2. Anybody who has reached the second stage of withdrawal symptoms which include, physical fatigue, immense cravings for more substances, and poor concentration, should choose MAT.
  3. Anybody who finds the pain during withdrawal unbearable should choose MAT.
  4. Anybody who has tried to detox independently and failed miserably should choose MAT. 
  5. Anybody who wants to recover smoothly and safely should choose MAT.
  6. Anybody who is suffering from other physical or mental ailments other than dependence should choose MAT. 

MAT Medications

MAT medications are customized and administered with skilled assistance. The medications have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MAT medications can be of different kinds and they include: 

  • Buprenorphine products (such as Bunavail, Cassipa, Probuphine, Sublocade injection, Suboxone, Subutex, Zubsolv)
  • Methadone products (such as Dolophine, Methadose)
  • Naltrexone products (such as Vivitrol)

Misconceptions about MAT       

Let’s read some misconceptions about MAT:

  • MAT administers drugs to relieve drug dependency and it can lead to a new drug dependency.
  • MAT administers too many drugs which can lead to death and seizures. 
  • MAT includes only medication and no therapy or counseling sessions.
  • MAT is only for opioid abuse recovery.

MAT administers drugs under skilled medical assistance on a case-to-case basis. When consumed in the prescribed quantity for a prescribed duration, MAT prevents death and seizures and enables safe recovery. It is a holistic treatment that includes medications and therapies such as group therapies which are popularly known as medically assisted recovery anonymous. The group therapies can work wonders to help you sustain yourself through recovery along with medications. MAT is a treatment employed for Opioid/ cocaine/alcohol abuse recovery.

How MAT at Y and Y is done

Enrolling at Y&Y for cocaine recovery will be your best decision for life. Y & Y has the most advanced scientific remedies for recovery from abuse. The holistic intervention is another advantage. MAT is one of the many strategies adopted for the long-term sobriety of cocaine addicts. Contact Y &Y, choose MAT at Y&Y, seek help, and recover from cocaine addiction in a safe and smooth way.