When you type “detox programs near me” into your browser, are you not all that impressed with what you find? Does it seem like each detox you look into ends up being somewhere you wouldn’t want to actually go to? At Y and Y Recovery, we wanted to offer a different kind of detox, a different form of treatment. Treatment isn’t just any one process, rather, it’s a mixture of multiple processes that can be both complex and delicate. Our professionals will put together a treatment plan for your exact, specific needs. That way, you’re always getting the treatment you need. 

What Too Often Occurs in Detox Elsewhere 

For the most part, in other detox facilities, mental health and trauma therapy are incorporated together in the patients’ first thirty days of treatment. That may seem like a good idea, but all too often, it leads to re-traumatizing the patient, thus increasing the odds of relapse. Why? Because the patient doesn’t have (or hasn’t had the opportunity to learn and develop) coping and living skills. So, at Y and Y Recovery, we teach a person to be their own expert, so to speak. We do that while identifying and stabilizing any traumas and co-occurring disorders. By emphasizing coping and living skills, the patient can learn to utilize those skills to maintain stabilization while starting the process of healing. 

What Sets Y and Y Recovery Apart 

Here, we believe that the best detox and treatment begins by acknowledging that the health and dignity of the individual reigns supreme. That means we treat everyone with discernment as well as a non-dogmatic approach. By not sticking to any one dogma, we’re able to provide a more individualized treatment that’s specifically tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Thus, we treat the entire person. That means they’re treated physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. 

What You Can Expect Here 

The above may sound like quite a bit of theory and belief. So, to get specific, here at Y and Y Recovery, patients go to individual counseling three times a week. Additionally, there’s a focus on group therapy, dealing with codependency, harm reduction techniques, dealing with grief, loss, and so much more. Patients will develop and utilize DBT and CBT skills and techniques. All of this occurs in a positive and supportive environment. 

The Best “Detox Programs Near Me”

There’s nothing easy about detox. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t telling you the whole truth. Yes, some patients have “easier” detoxes. There are patients who have fewer symptoms, less pain, and so forth. However, detox is different for everyone. Should your detox be more challenging, we have medical staff on hand at all times. They’ll be watching over you all the time, so that they’re able to jump in and help should that be necessary. Once detox is over, you’ll be clean and sober, but that’s when the real work begins on staying that way. You can call us anytime at 818-839-4994.