Did you try to stop using alcohol and find that you were unable to do so (or even to cut back?) Have you tried to quit using drugs yet found that you’re dependent on them? If so, going to a detox in Los Angeles is probably the right course of action. Yet, it’s important to not just go to any detox, but the right detox. There are important differences between one detox and another. Here at Y and Y Recovery, we specifically wanted to build a detox and rehab treatment center that’s different from the rest. One factor that sets us apart: medication-assisted treatment. 

What Medication-Assisted Treatment Is 

According to the FDA, medication-assisted treatment (or MAT) is “the use of medications in combinations with counseling and behavioral therapies, which is effective in the treatment of opioid use disorders (OUD) and can help some people to sustain recovery.” Essentially, this is a treatment that allows for the safe, secure usage of drugs during treatment that will not in any way harm the patient. As you might imagine, this has to be implemented and carried out in a delicate manner by trained professionals, for the health, safety, and betterment of the patient. 

How We Utilize MAT at Y and Y Recovery 

Here at Y and Y Recovery, we have one of the top physicians that you’ll find anywhere. When you’re here, should MAT be chosen as an effective treatment for your needs, our physician will get right to work. They’ll work in tandem with your primary care physician as well as any other of your providers to coordinate care so as to help you to have the best chance of success in treatment possible. That could mean using drugs such as Librium, Buprenorphine, and others. 

A Treatment Plan for You 

Many patients can be best served by MAT. However, it’s not going to be right for every patient. In fact, some will best be served other treatments, whereas for others MAT will be just a small part of their treatment. When you arrive at Y and Y Recovery, our professionals will give you a thorough evaluation. The information gleaned from that will be utilized to put together a treatment plan that addresses all of your exact, specific needs. We see this as one more way to provide a “whole patient” approach to substance use disorder treatment. 

Rehab and Detox in Los Angeles 

If you’re on the fence about reaching out to a detox facility, the best thing you can do is just make the call. We understand how challenging it can be. When you’re in the throes of addiction, seemingly everything in your body can feel like it’s trying to stop you from making the call. That said, no one has ever said “I wish I had waited longer to go to detox.” A healthy, happy, and sober life is possible, even if it doesn’t seem that way right now. We can help. You can always call us at 818-839-4994.