The first step to overcome your addiction is to search for a “medical detox near me.” That’s why you’re here because you have found Y&Y Recovery on the search results page. 

Why is Y & Y Recovery a Popular Option When Searching for “Medical Detox Near Me”? 

Whether you come here from Google or Bing, we’re glad you have found this post. Y&Y Recovery offers several treatment options to treat your addiction. One of the choices available is the medical detox. The setting here is IMS certified. With that in mind, adults can undergo a safe medical detox. The environment is comfortable. You will feel at ease knowing that clinical staff members are supervising your treatment around the clock each day. It’s one reason that Y&Y Recovery enjoys high recovery success rates. 

Overarching Detox Process 

While undergoing medical detox in this recovery facility, you will get comprehensive guidance throughout the process. The highly trained therapists, clinical staff members, and case managers will educate you on what you need to obtain lifetime recovery. The key to completing this program is medical stabilization.  And this can happen with the help of Dr. Torrington, Y&Y Recovery’s medical director. Dr. Torrington will only allow you to undergo detox in this facility after a thorough assessment of your biological and sociological needs. The facility will provide you with not just medical services but also psychiatric and psychological options. 

What Substance Abuse Is Treated in this Medical Detox Center? 

The facility can treat a variety of substance use disorders, like ecstasy, inhalants, alcohol, opiates, stimulants, muscle relaxers, methamphetamines, and many others. Y&Y Recovery provides 24/7 admissions. It means that you can come here at any time of the day to undergo an assessment before being admitted to this facility. With its 24-hour admission, you can enter the treatment at any time of the day.

Does Medical Detox Treat Your Addiction? 

It’s important to remember that medical detox is just part of your addiction treatment. It helps eliminate the substance from your body. It relieves acute symptoms because of withdrawal from that substance. But it doesn’t treat the cause of your addiction. It also doesn’t mean that you can maintain sobriety after medical detox. Instead, it only sets the stage so you can proceed to the next step of recovery. The therapeutic process is the one that can ensure you achieve your long-term goals. In other words, medical detox alone won’t treat your addiction. But it may help you change your addictive behaviors. If you stop at medical detox, you might not get over your addiction. Thus, you won’t experience long-term sobriety. 

How Long to Undergo Detox? 

The duration will depend on one person to another. Various factors can affect it. If you have co-occurring disorders, for instance, the detox may be longer. However, the range can be from a few days to weeks. 

Here’s How to Start Your Recovery

Call Y&Y Recovery, the “medical detox near me”, by dialing 818-839-4994 to get a thorough assessment of your situation.