Have you been looking for a Los Angeles Recovery Center that seems like, well, a place you would actually want to go to? Does it feel like many of the recovery centers that you find online feel sterile, draconian, and even genuinely off-putting? You aren’t alone in that. Here at Y and Y Recovery, we believe that a recovery center should be a place for recovery. People who come to a treatment center like ours don’t need to be “punished” or anything of the sort. Rather, they need the best care possible in comfy, supportive surroundings. 

A Los Angeles Recovery Center that Emphasizes “Recovery” 

Struggling with addiction and mental health concerns is one of the biggest challenges a person may ever grapple with in their life. As the process is so difficult, we wanted to create a place that was as safe as comfortable as possible; somewhere that those who want to recover can truly call their own. To that end, we took care of all of the details: from ensuring that there are private bathrooms as well as ensuring each bed was of high quality and had the best linens. 

A Facility to Help You Build the Rest of Your Life 

To build the best foundation for long-lasting recovery possible, residents shouldn’t spend 24/7 in therapy, groups, and so forth. That’s just one of the reasons that Y and Y Recovery has plenty of lounge and entertainment space. That way, our folks can kick back, relax, develop social skills, and learn how to enjoy themselves in a positive, healthy way again. Indeed, we even have a private chef on duty, so that you can have delicious, healthy food. When you’re here, we do everything we can to make you feel at home. 

More Than Just the Amenities – Unique Therapies 

That having been said, when you’re at Y and Y Recovery, you are here for recovery. So, to match those top-quality amenities, we made sure to hire the best staff possible. Moreover, they offer therapies and treatments that other facilities simply don’t. That means “motivational interviewing,” “art therapy,” “Breathwork for Recovery,” and other treatments that might be exactly what you need to build a foundation for the rest of your life. When you arrive, you’ll go through a thorough evaluation. With that info, we’ll be able to put together a treatment plan that’s just right for you. 

Today is the Day to Start to Begin 

Does it feel like your substance use disorder has invaded and disturbed essentially every area of your life? Our medical detox services are, quite literally, always open. We provide admissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with 24-hour nursing and on-call physicians who are ready to help right now. In our years of running Y and Y Recovery, we have yet to meet someone who regretted going through detoxification, so that they could get clean and start their road to recovery. For more, you can reach us at 818-839-4994.